Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The World is Changed by Your Example, Not By Your Opinion


As the light energy expands, it permeates all that was hidden and cloaked in mystery. This was all part of the plan. 2013 was the year of preparation. 2014 is the year of completion. You have set so much in place, and you now have a clear picture of what needs to be done. You have awakened to the fact that you are not helpless and you know what needs to be done.

All that was done to control you, needs to be looked at. Now, you can see clearly how their control system works. They NEED to keep you in FEAR in order for they, themselves, to survive: it’s as simple as that. The Cabal sets out to make you all feel like victims: the so-called terror threats, the ill health that is the direct result of what they do to your food, water and air supply. The evidence for this is overwhelming. Thankfully, you are now waking up to this.

Questions must be asked. Why would you support those who are destroying your planet and CULLING THE POPULATION ? Are you assisting in this? For they cannot do it without your help. I ask that you give serious thought to this question. Is your conscience clear? Can you look your fellow man in the eye and say with honesty that what you do, does not have a detrimental effect on humanity or your planet? Chemtrails do not just happen. Who is involved in this evil practice? Remember . . . it is your money, through your taxes, that pays for it. In effect, you are paying for your own demise. Consider the suffering which this practice is responsible for.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Seeing The Year 2013 Through the Eyes of God

As you have already noticed, the floodgates have been opened now, and a continuous stream of light is flooding into you all. This may manifest itself in so many ways, but first, it will as usually make itself heard in your physical body. Again we hear groans of frustration, so please trust us when we say that this is an unavoidable part of this whole process. Remember, this is not in any way done in order to make you feel as uncomfortable as possible, even if that may seem to be the case in more ways than one. But now, these heightened energies will also bring with them other, less unpleasant side-effects, if we may use such a word, and we think you will all find that these intensified physical responses will start to taper off soon, and then, these other effects will start to become more noticeable.

This will be of little consolation to those still suffering in the throes of some rather intense physical eruptions of different kinds this time, especially since many of you have important days ahead, days you will be spending with your near ones, days that you will feel less inclined than usual to suffer from these physical setbacks. Well, we think that many of you will indeed feel a lessening of these symptoms during those festive days, and even if you will still have a hard time finding your balance again in the aftermath of this intensely charged weekend, we still think you will all find ample time to sit back in peace and quiet and savour this feeling of accomplishment.

For again we want to remind you all that you have accomplished so much these last few months, and as this can easily be lost under the blur of physical and mental convulsions that you have all suffered, it bears to be repeated again. For this year, you have all gone above and beyond the limits you held yourself strictly to just a few months back, and we know that this will become evident to you all if you manage to really go within and take stock of just who you are today. For then, you will find a very new landscape, one that has slowly emerged during these last few months. And, as we have told you so many times already, this virgin territory is so vast, you have not even seen more than the first little segments of it yet. For you have started to unfold this huge, blank canvas within you, one that is untainted by the old and sad scratchings from the one you used to be. And now, you will be given all the colors you can think of in order to start to create the image you want to be.

For you have finished your own cleansing to such a degree, there is no need to hold back on creating the new you, and as such, we want you all to give yourself the biggest gift this Holiday season. For you certainly deserve it in all the ways that one can describe. For you have worked so hard to get to where you are today, standing on the threshold of not only a new year, but a brand new beginning. So let us remind you that this is indeed the perfect time to do as we ask you to do, to sit down and take stock, and please, remember to be generous to yourself as you do this. Do not look for any failings you might consider to still be a part of your life. No, search for the victories, for they are indeed plentiful, and that goes for each and every one of you.

For you are no longer the same person you were when this year started. For in your wake, lies lifetimes of accumulated dross, dross that will no longer serve to hold you back in any way. So this time, we do urge you to take a look over your shoulder, the better to see all of the old baggage you have left behind on this stage of the journey. And then, we urge you to sit down and look ahead, at that wide open, inviting space beckoning you to come to it. And remember, this will not be merely a short visit. No, this brand new space is yours for the remainder of your sojourn within this current physical manifestation. So make sure you do not miss out on any of the wonders that are yours for the taking during this time. They are up for grabs, ready and waiting for your arrival. So get into the Holiday spirit by giving yourself the gift of acknowledging all of the hard work you have accomplished, and most of all, acknowledging all of the changes in your very own persona you have accomplished too. They are certainly no mean feat, and we do applaud you all for your valiant efforts. They have not been wasted in any way, and even if your physical body may feel like it is starting to lag more than a little bit behind in all of these whirlwinds of change, know that the only reason it feels like this, is that it is changing rapidly also, alongside those more mental aspects that you have worked so hard to release from your baggage this year.

So therefore, know that even if this year seems to have taken its toll on you all, this year has in fact made you all just that more resilient and strengthened, so out of this paradox emerges the new human, the human that has made null and void of so many of those old rules that used to govern you. Both the self-imposed limitations, but also those superimposed, external ones that have hampered you so much. So here you stand, free of so much that used to be an intrinsic part of you a mere 12 months back, but is no more. So as you have become less of what you used to be, you have also become more of what you will be. But there is more to come, dear ones, and as you shall see as the new year dawns just a few short days away, you have many gifts waiting for you that will far surpass anything you might find under any Christmas tree this year. For even if the gifts you have already bestowed upon yourself this year are more than impressive, they are nothing compared to what you still have in store. So again we say, take some time to congratulate yourself on a job very well done, and take some time to sit down in anticipation for what is yet to come. For this journey is by no means over yet, and the best is yet to come, as they say. And this time, no words could ring more true than these.

by Aisha North
December 22, 2013


How To Cleanse Yourself of Emotional Baggage

Gently Cleansing Your Emotional Baggage

As the soft flow of energy moves above you, within you and all around you, you will come to the discovery that there are many experiences that can be found while experiencing God’s Light. It is important to understand dear ones, each experience you encounter will produce an imprint on your awakened self, a kind of mark that helped to change the parts of you that needed changing, that allowed you to become liberated and no longer feeling separated from your own truth or from the Light of God.

The radiant brilliance of God’s Light flows gently around the dear souls that are completely ready to receive this Divine Light. Even your own beautiful Earth receives nourishment from His penetrating Light very similar to the way dry earthly soul will absorb a drink of life-giving and sustaining water and it is true many plants that grow on your Earth will send their roots out seeking as far as possible in order to sustain its life and to thrive. As you reach towards God’s Radiant Light, you too are being nourished and sustained.

Comprehend dear ones, the Light that comes from God, the Divine Source of ALL life holds sacred and divine qualities within its brilliance; to those that are ready to receive God’s Light, it comes bearing gifts of clarity, love, truth, happiness, security with self, harmony as well as the wisdom that is described as being blessed and sacred. Each of the mentioned qualities can be obtained and received by your consciousness dear ones as you become opened and accepting of God’s Radiant Light. The more dear souls that welcome His Light, the greater the expansion of Light flows to family, friends and they become Anchors of Light for others that have just woke.

The dear souls that can see, hear and have the hearts to feel His great flow of love that is moving throughout all people every day, even now are blessed and set apart as they have been given an exceptional mission and that dear ones is to share His Light, to make it even more available and as it transforms one dear soul it will begin to transform others with time and love filled effort.

As you continue to move forward, welcoming the divine presence of God that is a deep and sacred part of your life, you may stumble across emotional blocks that have been powerfully rooted deep into thoughts through conditioning patterns. What we observe by many who reach this stage of their development and growth is as they try with all their might to go beyond these powerful emotional blocks, they become tired and frustrated which gives birth to them feeling unworthy and helpless and during such times many dear souls will quit. We encourage during the most challenging of times when you think you can’t go another step, take the next step keep going, nourish yourself with your own love and compassion and trust the illuminated path God has set before you.

We know how difficult it is to move beyond the emotional blockages and baggage that has weighed you down and in many cases created hindrances along your journey. But it is essential dear ones that you learn to remove your emotional baggage in order to free the heavy, negative weight from your heart and the best way to do this dear ones is by cleansing your emotions. In order to undergo an emotional cleansing, you must deeply and honestly commit and to be willing to permit God’s Radiant Light to enter the sacred space of your whole self and become so opened and forgiving that you allow your heart to become less attached and to love more freely and deeply.

It is through your commitment to release your emotional blocks and baggage that always begins with a humble recognition and realization that all situations that crosses your path also gives you the opportunity to remember your divine identity – and this divine entity that is you will be able to recognize the divinity in others as they come to the realization that they are not separated but interconnected and each dear soul are smaller pieces of God.

In order to bring such truth to your consciousness dear ones you must be able to permit yourself to truly recognize the gifts that came with each life experience and to be able to demonstrate compassion to every dear soul that has touched your life in some way. Once you begin walking the path that brings you into divine alignment with your own truth, you can begin to gently and lovingly go within and continue the process of letting go your emotional blockages and baggage that was preventing you from experiencing God’s Radiant Light and feeling completely blissful in His presence.

The emotions that hide and create spiritual blocks may include resentment, feelings of betrayal, insecurities, feeling unworthy, feeling of rejection, certain fears, despair, guilt, and deceitfulness just to name a few but enough for you to understand how to identify in order for you to cleanse these negative emotions from your being. Emotional cleansing dear ones requires you to be able to go deep within the center core of your being, where you willingly and consciously release these negative emotions and replace them with love and compassion for yourself and for others.

A great way of releasing repressed emotions or blockages is through writing letters. Emotions that have been hiding will flow as you write and through the action of putting pen to paper you are also enforcing a creative action of expression. The simple act of writing letters as a method to release those negative emotions when combined with your commitment to create a deeper spiritual awareness is all you need. Begin writing your letter to yourself. Look back at your childhood, observe the fond and painful recollections and begin to separate any experiences that helped to create any amount of emotional disturbance and discomfort. With these experiences that created an emotional discomfort learn if you hold any one person responsible for the experience that was painful and disturbing, discover how this experience has affected your current life, do you question if you can or cannot close this experience and are you willing to let it go in order to achieve peace and harmony. You are not those feelings that were created out of negative and painful experiences. You are a beautiful divine child of God and through His Radiance you will find healing, you will feel His Love and it will nourish the hunger inside of you and help to release the negative emotions that have stunted your growth for so long. Free yourself into God’s welcoming and comforting embrace.

Because of your commitment to bring the emotions that have been hiding for so long to your awareness and consciousness you will be able to clearly identify how these emotions have cluttered and hindered the well-being of your life. Now compare the mess of negative emotions with all the stuff you have accumulated over the years that can be described as junk. As you are able to remove an old ratty sweater, or a broken piece of furniture you are also able to remove an emotion or belief that has is no longer useful. You can adopt a spring cleaning of your emotions the same way you do your home, you let go of what is no longer of value in order to make room for new and meaningful ways of living and being.

After you have practiced letting go of your heavy negative emotions by writing yourself letters where you probed into certain areas and experiences you are able to create letters to any person who you have ill feelings towards. Understand the point to writing these letters dear ones is not to give these letters to the one it is addressed to; it is a healing exercise that allows your emotions to flow and to be released and cleansed. Through this method of cleansing you will come to know a part of yourself that you may have forgotten and your re-acquaintance will leave you feeling humbled and peacefully happy.

As you learn to detach yourself from any judgments, resentments or any other negative thought or action you have placed on others, you begin to take responsibility for all your choices that have brought happiness and unhappiness. You become humbled as you realize it was your choice to hang on to any painful memory that prevented you from experiencing the positive vibrations of Love and Light that emanates from God that would have delivered you to new and positive emotions. Now is the time dear ones to bring in new changes, to adopt a compassionate way of living that is positive and Light. Give yourself the gift of love and turn around and share this love with the world.

And so it is…

I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller

Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ December 22 – 29, 2013
December 22, 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Time Of Vigilance - Empowering Ourselves

This is a time of vigilance for awakening Humanity and the millions of Lightworkers who have worked so tenaciously to co-create the Cosmic Moment we are now in the midst of, but this is not a vigilance based in fear. It is a vigilance based in the inner peace and the elation of knowing that we have God Victoriously made it through the most fragile and complex, yet the most monumental, shift of consciousness ever attempted in any system of worlds.

The Heavens are rejoicing, and every man, woman, and child on Earth is being bathed in the most intensified 5th-Dimensional Solar frequencies of Divine Love that we are capable of withstanding without being vaporized. This unfathomable Divine Love is flowing into the mental and emotional strata of Earth from the Divine Matrix of our omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Father-Mother God, the Cosmic I AM, ALL That Is. This Divine Matrix is the Body of God within which every particle and wave of Life throughout the whole of Creation lives, moves, breathes, and has its Being. Within this Divine Matrix we are not only One with our sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity, we are One with our Father-Mother God, the Legions of Light throughout Infinity, and every single facet of Life ever breathed forth from the Core of Creation.

With this realization comes the awareness that since we are One with ALL Life the concepts of separation and duality are illusions. This means that every thought, word, feeling, action, belief, or memory we express reverberates through all Life everywhere. Amazingly, with every breath we take we are either adding to the Light of the World or to the shadows depending on what we are thinking, feeling, saying, doing, believing, or remembering. The vigilance that our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven are invoking from every one of us at this time, is the vigilance of deliberately adding to the Light of the World through our thoughts and feelings, instead of empowering the obsolete and fear-based patterns of separation and duality from the old Earth.

A History of Creation - Part 6

Let us delve further into the mysteries of creation, as this is something we gather you are all more than eager to learn more about. Well, let us just say that there are not many mysteries of this left, however, we would like to give you some “technical” details as it were. You see, the basics have been well described for you already, and as such, you are more than prepared to have a go at this magical feat yourselves, but we do understand the need to learn a little bit more about what is going on.

As you know by now, we talk of the process where a field of possibility becomes energized by consciousness in such a way, in enables manifestation to commence. In other words, to a field of particles, an order is being sent out to gather in such a way something will BECOME, and when it does, it springs forth and starts to interact with the rest of Creation, as no thing can stand alone. And so too, it is with you, as you are all connected back to this vast field from where you once came, and as such, you are in constant communication with it. So what seems to be a major step for you, is actually no such thing. It simply means that for you to be able to consciously create, all you have to do, is to reopen that old and faithful channel that is already there. For you ARE a part of Creation, at the same time as you are THE Creator, and we know that this duality may seem to be somewhat confusing to a human brain. Still, this is in fact nothing more complicated than what you are already doing 24/7, every single day. For you ARE, yet you CREATE at an astonishing rate, and as such, you have been doing this for ever, but your creations are about to take an about turn.

For mankind has been busy creating all sorts of things that do not serve them any more, and as such, the need to re-create not only your environment but also yourselves have become a pressing one, and you have been hand picked as the pioneers that will ensure that this process of co-creational forces once more will be used in the way it was intended. Remember, All of Creation is created in order to manifest an aspect of the potential that is within this large field of vibrational energy that awaits commands from consciousness, and as such, all things created carry equal value. We know this will raise more than a few hackles, but that is in fact the case. So, no light without darkness, no joy without at least a tinge of sadness, and so on. In other words, there must be a balance, and in order to for it be a balance, at times there must be imbalance, chaos if you will, and so a correction will ensue.

Make no mistake, you planet has become impossibly imbalanced for reason already well known and so, this task of re-balancing has been handed you all on a silver platter. Yes, it is indeed a chore that may seem more than a little daunting, in fact even too overwhelming to even contemplate for many of you. But still, you have been hand picked to undertake this mission from a huge number of entities all vying for the same possibility to come down to this planet and relight the light as it were. For that is what this is all about, a huge maneuver that will recreate the wonders of this planet by correcting the erroneous imbalance that has accumulated over the years, as the masses of negativity have pushed you all into a dark corner from where you had no chance of ever getting out where it not for outside intervention.

Again this is a topic that will have more than a few voices raised in protest, but for now, let us leave that discussion behind and simply state the obvious: mankind needed help, and so did that wonderful entity you all live upon, your Mother, your cohabitant, the one that was created to become a laboratory for mankind. For that is what this was originally, an incubator that was seeded with the seeds that would in turn create mankind, and then, it was up to mankind to bring themselves further along the creational path by creating themselves and their environs. But as you all know so well by now, parasitic forces intervened, and toppled the balance in a direction that has been harmful not only for you, but for All there is. And so, outside intervention in the form of a decree was issued, and so it was decided to re-balance what was so wrongfully imbalanced, and this is where you come in to the picture.

For as we have talked about on so many occasions, you are the foot soldiers, the ones that bridge the dimensions. But until recently, you only saw yourselves as humans, as beings bereft of any real powers, forever trapped in this cycle of life and death amongst your brethren here on Earth. But as you awoke to the fact that you are so much more than what your mere human outside should suggest, you are also awakening to the fact that you are here to change what has become and turn it into the brand new. For status quo is no longer an option for any of you, and together, the push from your creative force will serve to drag the rest of mankind with you in your wake, as you have already started to interact with the magnetics that surround you all. We speak in parables as you see, but that is in fact closer to the truth than you perhaps have envisaged already.

Let us return to that field of opportunity to call it that, the sea of energetic particles that awaits your command. This sea is already being influenced by your ”command”, and these commands are nothing more than intergalactic emissions of information in the form of electromagnetic fields or capsules if you will. Even without you being consciously aware of it, you are already emitting a steady stream of these capsules, all directed to this vast field of creative particles ready to become whatever they are being instructed to BE. And so, you are already talking to this field, quiet at first, but still in ways that are already having an effect on your surroundings as well as on you directly. For you are setting into action a huge operation that is already becoming visible for us all. Perhaps not for your human eyes directly, but somewhere within you you can already hear the murmurs from this constant traffic to and from your own being and the rest of Creation. For you have the blueprints well and truly under your skin as it were from before, and as such, you are all well aware just what your role is in this magnificent project. And so, you are already sending out your bits and pieces, or rather, bits and bytes, into the ether, and by that, you are already seeing your part of this plan coming to fruition. And so, rest assured that it is all well on its way, even while you have been more or less feeling as if disconnected from it all, and even more so from yourself.

For as we told you, there is indeed a beehive of activity going on, and your efforts in all of this have not gone unnoticed. And now, you will all start to notice how things will start to change, as your creations will indeed start to come into the open more and more. For you will start to SEE, as you have by now been set up with a whole new set of ”eyes” with which to see them. And do not confuse these ”eyes” with those apertures already in your head, as we talk about sensors of a very different kind than the physical ones you are already using to peruse the scene around you. Make no mistake, all of your human senses will still play a major part in this, but you will now also incorporate so many other aspects or talents if you will that have now been reopened within you all, and you will use them all in tandem to better be able to read into this brand new world you are already setting up.

For as we said, you are already busy sending out instructions to this huge field of fertile energy, ready and waiting to be set into motion by your intervention in the form of those intelligence capsules that contains the parts of this enormous blueprint. It can be likened to the toys that some of you have build by gluing objects together following a detailed printed instruction. Well for this, you will all be kept busy producing the individual parts and pieces that go into this huge construction, and as such, it will at times be very difficult for any of you to get a clear image of what ”part” it is your are busy setting into life. So therefore you will at regular intervals be asked to tune into this whole field of activity in a way that will help you to see the ”picture on the box” as it were. In other words, you will be asked to connect to the collective in such way you will be better able to get a detailed image of the completed construction, the end result, the realization of your dream as it were: Mother Earth in all of her splendor, a living, breathing paradise, where you are an important and indeed vital member.

As we were saying, it is so important that you remember to take time to step back a little from this process from time to time in order not to get lost in all of the “nuts” and bolts” as it were that goes into constructing this whole project. For you need to be able to get a good view of it all from the finished perspective. In other words, take time to step back and tune into the ”finished product” as it is already there for you to see if you set your heart to it. And please try to do so at regular intervals, otherwise you might become as if bogged down by all the intricate parts that is such a bewildering part of this whole process. For it takes a courageous heart to be able to take in this whole process, and as such, we suggest you give yourself ample time to try to SEE what the end result will be like. For it will indeed be just like in your dreams, but even more so, as what you can envisage today is merely a small taste of the real “end product”. So as you go about creating in your everyday life – for remember, you are creating with every breath you take – try to keep your focus on what is becoming light right in front of you. It will take some time for you all to become aware of it all, so for now, just focus on the small details that might not register or go undetected by you all. For much is indeed happening already, but it can be deemed as unimportant or even be overlooked completely if you do not open your “new eyes” to it. And when we say “new eyes”, we mean of course those brand new “sensors” you have all been outfitted with that will enable you to pick up even the faintest traces of this magical change. For now, it is more than a faint whiff of change in the air, it has already started to manifest all around you, in the most unexpected of ways. For remember, mankind has a habit of thinking in very limited ways, and as such, when we say change, you will automatically start to define it in human terms. But this time, please try to overstep those borders of limitations and open yourselves to the magic that is already HERE, as it is indeed you who have created it, and you are doing so at a steady pace each and every day now. So look around you, and use your whole being to sense that what has been talked about for such a long time is finally BEcoming.

Channeled by Aisha North
October 24, 2013


Friday, December 6, 2013

The Heart is King Because Love Comes From There - Heavenletter #4755

The Heart Is King
Heavenletter #4755 , December 1, 2013 

God said: 

The combination of heart and mind can’t be beaten. Some of My children lean toward the heart first. Some of My children lean toward the mind first. For some, heart and mind are One.

At the same time, however, nothing happens without the heart. It is not surprising that the physical life of a human being ends with the demise of the heart, for your heart leads. It is the mainstay. Your heart beats for you, and your heart beats for Me as well.

We can further say that the beat of your heart sets the metronome for the Universe. The extant world lives by the beat of your heart. Your heart conducts the orchestra of the world. It is through Our hearts that We are One. Our Oneness can be evidenced by the mind, yet Our Oneness expresses itself through the heart.

Love comes from the heart. And, when all is said and done, all decisions come from the heart. The heart is King. The heart signals a Yes. Then the mind finds reasons. It is the heart that truly leads. You are heart-induced. This is universal. Your heart creates as does Mine. You might say I am complicit with you, yet that is another story.

Can you imagine a Universe based on thinking? The world, as it appears, seems to be run by the intellect. The intellect is not always so reasonable as you like to think. The heart can never be cold and calculating, yet, ah, the mind creates the world as it is most often known, separated and run by so-called logic.

Hail to the heart that beats so loyally, devotedly. Call the heartbeat vibration, resonance, tom-tom, core, whatever. While you live in the physical world, We can say that, through your heartbeat, you and I are linked. Through the soul always, in body or out of body, We are linked. Your soul and Godness of Truth touch eternally and infinitely. We merge. We are One. The individual identity of a you leaps into My heart.

Do not grieve for the individual you. Your world identity is a fantasy like all others. This means your surface identity has been a story, a fascinating story, a novel, long or short, made into a movie with so many twists and turns that it is unbelievable even on Earth terms. Now, We know, of course, that it is not to be believed. It was never true. Even the humdrum never was true.

All the world history, tracked, recorded, verified, referenced and reverenced, is a group fantasy. All the heroes and all the villains are invention. They are like a mass fantasy bought for a song. A salesman came to your door. You opened it and kept the door open.

You have had lovely images, such as a white sailboat on blue water, a flower blossoming, your heart beating. You have had unlovely images of diverse kinds, and so you watch movies of various genres. On this Earth that seems so solid, you stand on spindly-legs. Ah, but, yet, even on imagined Earth and within your imagined story, there is Truth, and, somehow, vaguely, you consciously know the Truth. You have had glimpses of it, silent moments of Truth named Love, named Beauty. Love and Beauty connect Us. On Earth, the love and beauty that exist in imagined time and space, sadly, fade. Even in this world-wide fantasy, you know there is something extraordinary about Love and Beauty, for they beat a higher note in your heart.

Beloveds, you and I, We are not even a heartbeat away. 

Teachers, Be Admonished: Egos Come In Many Guises - Heavenletter # 4754

What Is the Hurry?
Heavenletter #4754 November 30, 2013 
God said: 

Beloveds, it is not for you to pontificate. It is not your place. Know the difference between what is your opinion and what is Truth. Opinions change. Truth is not variable. You are not the decider of what is true and what is not.

The more awareness you have, the more humble you are.

Street knowledge is one thing. Truth is another.

Be Truth. Live Truth. Love, and know that you do not have the final word. Others must come to their discovery of God themselves. Be not a forecaster. Do not be a know-it-all when it comes to Me. Although We, you and I, are ultimately One, be wary of absolutism. Be wary of what you think you must teach others. Everybody comes to Me. That is inevitable. Who are you to demand from others?

I am not an enforcer. I do not force anyone to come to My way of thinking. Nor must you line up others to your way of thinking.

You believe what you believe. Others are also free to believe as they believe. Everyone has free will concerning himself. Your free will does not extend to others. It is not for you to corral others or to pin them down to think as you think.

Everyone is coming to My way of thinking. Some by leaps and bounds. Some by and by.

It is not for you to tell others what they are to feel and what they are to think. You have choice for yourself but not for others. It is not for you to make assumptions for others. You are not a soothsayer.

Even if you should have complete knowledge, it is not for you to pour it upon others. Everyone finds Me for himself or herself. Let Me speak for Myself. If you want to teach, teach then by example. Teach without words. If I can give free will, you can give free will, and so you must.

Be silent. Keep your tongue still. I lead you and everyone to green pastures. I do not lock you anywhere. I do not insist that today you think this or that.

If it is urgent for you that others come to your way of thinking, what is the hurry? What is the emergency? What is the necessity of speeding?  Where is your trust in Me? Cannot everyone come to Me without your insistence?

No matter how well-meaning you may be, it is not for you to countermand others. You do not take My place, beloveds. You do not interrupt Me. You do not steal the show.

If you feel the need to tell another what to think, from where is your Authority?

You don’t want to come out from left field. It is not for you to harp on others what they must believe. Belief is not a forced event. Belief comes from inside, not outside. It is not for you to hit people over the head. It is not for you to be authoritative. Dear Ones, think a moment of what is your will, and what is Mine.

The Great Spiritual Ones were humble, and now I tell you that you are not to have your head swell with all you think you know or do know. Be an example. Silence is powerful, beloveds.

I love you regardless of anything. What I say today is not to pan you. It is to lead you to silence. It is not for you to self-appoint yourself. You do not take over. You do not usurp. It is not for you to diminish anyone’s free will.

If someone wants your advice, let them come to you. Everyone is free to come to you or not.

Ego comes under many guises.

Understanding How Much We are Worth To God - Heavenletter #4753

God’s Beautifulness Thrown across the Universe Like Corn upon the Field
Heavenletter #4753  November 29, 2013 

God said: 

My heart’s desire is that you know your worth. You are worth a King’s ransom. You are worth the Whole Universe. You are worth everything to Me. Now, gain awareness of your worth. Be worth everything to yourself.

Beloveds, you are a unique filament of My Light. I created you from My Being. I do not say a word that is not true, yet, you are not true to yourself.

You may not see yourself as worthless, yet you hardly see yourself worthwhile to the extent I see you and that you are. In life, you may take erroneous turns to convince yourself that you are worth something after all.

I do not plant fruit trees that do not bear fruit. Would I create you who are made in My image and make you less than magnificent? Not a chance. I did not pick and choose this one worthy and that one less worthy or anyone worthless. What is this rush to belie yourself?

Honor thy father and mother. Honor thyself. Honor all that I have made. Honor the innocent animals, and honor the innocent human beings who do not see worth in others or in themselves. Your soul is indestructible so why bother with all this forsaking yourself? Get off the boat of lowliness.  Beloveds, if you would even see yourselves as 1% of the Truth that you are.

What is the measure of a human being? Measureless. Immeasurable. I stamped and sealed you Mine, My very own, My beautifulness thrown across the Universe like corn upon the field. I created you for something. I created you to give birth to yourself. I tell the rose to bloom. I tell the seeds to sprout. I tell you to acknowledge your True Self. This is the fruit you are to bear. Call it Wisdom, call it Love, call it My Epiphany. Call it what you will. Call it the simple Truth of you. You are emblazoned with the Seal of God.

Life is not to be frittered away. It is not to be ignoble. In one sense, your life is of the utmost importance. In another sense, it is a trifle. In any case, while you have this opportunity of living in the world, give tribute to Me and to yourself, give credit to Oneness. Extend your hand, and extend your heart. Greet all. Welcome all. Meet everyone in My heart and bless Earth and bless all those upon the Earth. A blessing is the One Who Blesses. A Created Being is One Who Creates. The least you can create is Good Will. The least you can bless is everyone.

There is no least among you. You can value the uncommon value of each human soul. No matter how much any one seeming individual may have wandered, he is a part of yourself. He has come before you to sanctify you. He makes himself your teacher. Without a word he is here to wake you up to something within yourself.

Across the board, he wakes you up to your own failing of judgment. I sent him or her not to aggrandize you but rather to humble you. There is something for you to learn. It is not okay for you to think little of anyone because he does not come up to your standards of the moment. He may be the antipathy of everything you like, and yet he is before you to reach an aspect of you that needs his presence.

Everything you find fault with rings a bell of something within you, or you would not be so repelled. You may not like the taste of cabbage, yet you don’t rant and rave even silently about how terrible cabbage is. Yet, when it comes to a human being, you regale yourself with what’s wrong with him and how he shouldn’t be that way. In your mind, you declare yourself worthy and he not. You do not have to ravish praise on one who seems to deter you from love. You have to be done with your criticism and superiority that bless no one, least of all yourself. I made you for greater than to expand on the unworthiness of anyone. You haven’t known his worth to Me or your own.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A History of Creation - Part 5 (Life out of Chaos)

As we have been saying this ocean of creative energy is there waiting for you all to dip into, and when you do, you will find the experience an exhilarating one, for then you will feel at home for the very first time in literally ages, and as such, it will be like coming home after a prolonged walk in the desert. For you are so thirsty for knowledge, and finally, you stand at the edge of the fountain where every thirst will be quenched as soon as you start to drink from it. We speak in parables again, so let us move on to what you are here for, namely to get a little bit more light on the actual process of creation.

As we have talked about earlier, it is indeed a very complex one, but at the same time an infinitely simple one. The ingredients are few, it is in fact only two, creativity combined from energy and consciousness, and this in turn will be able to create all sorts of things by the same simple process: setting energy into vibration by adding the consciousness by way of energetic imprints that in turn engender All there is. This vibrational force is underestimated by humans, as you tend to see things from a very different perspective. For you want to break down everything into tiny little fragments that can be isolated and as such, you diversify when it is much simpler to quantify by other means.

Vibrational forces are the ones that build everything you see, and even the things you are unable to see. For vibration is what everything IS, and as such, the particles in themselves are merely there to make vibration visible or tangible if you will. For the particles are the ones that makes the friction and friction is indeed a very important part of this whole process, for vibration in itself is simply one side of the equation. You can create a single object if you will, but only when it starts to interact with others, will you create creativity on such a scale, it will begin to BECOME what you want it to be. For everything has a specified frequency, and only when this set frequency starts to interact with other frequencies, will the result be interesting enough. For there is no such thing as one hand clapping, as everything that there IS needs at least one more thing to be able to BE. It is a bit like the cat in the box again. The box is necessary for the cat to BE, and the cat is necessary for the box to BE as well. And when we say BE, it is as in REASON to be. A simple object is no thing without the observer, but the observer also needs more than one thing to observe in order to create life. For life is the meeting point of all the different frequencies, and it is in fact the exact opposite of the still point. For the still point is where the intake of breath occurs, but the chaos is where the out breath if you will, the Creation, really comes about.

We have mentioned the word chaos before, and we will do so again, for we know the mere word in itself has been imprinted with so much negativity for humans and we ask, have you perhaps stopped to think why that is? Why do you fear chaos and hanker for control in every way? And why is the word control such a huge part of human consciousness? It is this very fact that has served to disconnect humanity from this ocean of creative energy, for when you start to CONTROL things, you literally stop life from forming. For then, it is your mind that is leading the way, and as you all know, a human’s mind is not about expanding freely, it is all about following a set of rules that has been programmed into you by those set on CONTROLLING you. And so you see, what you have always deemed as negative is the only way to CREATE. It is to let go of control, and let the creative forces that collide every time one frequency clashes into another have the freedom to do just that. And when they do, it all starts to LIVE, and so too will you, as you little by little learn to let go of that old and ingrained habit of trying to stay in control. For control leads to certain death, as it will narrow the field of possibilities every time something new arises, whereas chaos ensures eternal LIFE, for it will only serve to increase the number of possibilities every time something new is created that is allowed to interact with All there is from before.

And so you see, the control mechanism that is so hard for you to let go of, is the one that has led humanity down into an ever narrower corridor, away from the light, whereas now, the chaos will again set you free by removing any remaining walls that still obscures the view. For when you have CONTROL as the main driving force behind you, you will never create anything of true and lasting value. And so, what you need to do, is to create freely without having to set any set standards as to what and how this in itself will interact with the rest of Creation. Of course, there are limits, and these limits have been set by the vibrational field that governs it all, and as such, nothing will be able to be created that will have a willfully destructive force so that it can create havoc with the rest. And so the forces that are being created will be forces that will interact with everything that has already become in a way that will not only boost so much of what is, but it will also serve to disable those things that are not vital enough to be able to interact with these new frequencies.

Again we have the cycle of creation and destruction, but it is all balanced in such a way that what is begotten will not have any ability to wipe out the rest. For this cycle of creation and destruction will not be allowed to tip into a negative spiral as in more destruction than creation, and as such, you have no need to worry that your endeavours will leave any scars on this whole process. For you are simply not able to do that when you start to sip from this huge ocean of vast and endless possibilities. For what you sip, are the waters of life, and as such, the life force will always come out as an end result. So take your time and let go of the fear of becoming the destroyer of all, for that is not possible. And if something comes apart because one of your creations starts to interact with its field of harmonics, it is because it is meant to do so. For then, what you have created is far better adapted to bring this whole cycle a step further than what the other part of Creation could do. And so, when the time is right, everything that has at one time been created will cease to be, and it will return to that endless ocean, waiting to BEcome once again, and it in turn will interact with All of Creation in such a way, it will cause other parts of it to become redundant and obsolete and returned to become Source material once again. And so this cycle goes on and on, producing more LIFE from chaos, making light out of the dark void of unknowing, letting new life be born out of it all.

Channeled by Aisha North
October 19, 2013



Your True Nature is Love, So Make A Point of Being Love In Every Moment

Your True Nature Is Love, So Make A Point Of Being Love In Every Moment

The enthusiasm to awaken and to know God is intensifying daily as more and more of you add your intent to the human collective intent that God be known and honored all across the planet. You are going to achieve this by living lovingly and compassionately and by cooperating peacefully and harmoniously to change yourselves, thus letting go of any egoic self-serving agendas to which you may have been attached, and by so doing changing the world into a place of holy joy. This is not a pipe dream, this is an environment that you are working constantly and most effectively to bring into being, and success in your divine venture is inevitable, because it is the divine Will.

What is occurring on your beautiful planet is quite astounding, so stand ready to be amazed when you awaken and discover what you have brought into being. You are all part of God’s divine creation, and you are, therefore, creating with Him a state of incredible beauty and goodness, the like of which has never before been seen on Earth. It has been a long time in the planning and a lot longer in the accomplishing as you experience the stages of development from initial design concept to completion in linear time. In truth, however, the entire creative process from inspired idea to fulfillment and completion has taken but a moment, just as long as it took to imagine and intend that it be so.

As divine beings your ideas or thoughts, when so intended, are created instantly, in the now moment. That is how creation was designed and it is continually fulfilled by your infinitely wise and loving Father. However, once you entered your illusory world of extreme limitation this was no longer possible, and because it seems so real to you, you believe that to create anything of value, in fact anything at all, takes a very long time. And because of the limitations with which you have freely engaged this is what you experience. This need not be so! When you awaken these self-imposed limitations will just fall away, leaving you free to create whatever you desire instantly.

Within the illusion the limitations that you imposed on one another, by your collective choice and intent, have enabled pain and suffering on a massive scale to enfold you with apparently no adequate way of relieving it. It appears to be an endemic and constant companion in your daily lives, whether you are a member of the wealthiest self-serving 1% or one of the rest of humanity. You are all, by your freewill choices, subject to the limitations of the illusion in the form of illness, violence, pain, suffering, and finally death. No one escapes, the wealthy just get to experience their suffering in relative comfort! And that offers them very little actual comfort.

But that is all to end, because its time has passed, and the New Age, which was established very recently, is one of joy, peace, and abundance for all, although you still have linear time to contend with and so its fruits are not yet fully apparent. A little more patience on your part is still requested, and that is proving very difficult for many of you because your hopes were raised and then seemingly dashed as apparently nothing of note occurred as the New Age birthed late last year. Of course there has been an enormous energy shift right across the planet, as evidenced by the public and ongoing disclosing of so much of the endemic corruption that has held you in its thrall for so long. Much has changed it is just that you were expecting change of a different nature – a magic wand sprinkling fairy dust, perhaps? – to see corruption and all its allies defeated and shamed.

Nevertheless, the intense and powerful field of divine Love enveloping the planet and all sentient life thereon is having a truly remarkable effect on all of you and your hopes have become a very strong intent that is bringing in the changes for which you have been hoping and praying. The old order is collapsing, their power is dissolving, and their selfish and self-serving agendas can no longer be made manifest. Political organizations everywhere are in severe disarray, and the economic policies that have caused so much damage worldwide over the last several decades can no longer be displayed as magnificent models that have proven to be effective in bringing wealth to many – the much touted theory of “trickle-down economics” has rightly been totally discredited. The truth of the matter is, as all are now seeing, that those policies never worked as claimed, that they have always been used to enrich the already rich and disenfranchise everyone else, and that can no longer be permitted.

The days of “every man for himself” are long since passed, but the clearing away of the distrust and damage those policies produced does take time, which is why all that you had been hoping for so enthusiastically is taking a little longer than you had imagined to bear fruit. The fruit is there and it is growing beautifully, so do not despair – that never helps anyone – observe it growing and swelling as it must prior to becoming ripe and abundant as the harvest approaches. No one will be left out, short changed, or denied their share, for all will partake of this magnificent abundance, and joy will be boundless in the ensuing celebrations.

Keep returning at least daily to your place of inner peace and holy quietness. When you are settled there reconfirm your intent to be channels of divine Love assisting all to awaken by living, teaching, and demonstrating Love in action. All in the spiritual realms are with you encouraging and inspiring you to reach out and lovingly embrace all with whom you interact in any way at all. A physical embrace can often be misunderstood or misinterpreted, but holding the intent to embrace all with Love without engaging in the physical aspect is exceedingly effective, and will most definitely be felt by those at whom it is directed.

But do not let that discourage you from physically embracing those whom you intuitively feel are open to it, remember that seeing loving hugs being exchanged uplifts the onlookers. After all people go to the movies to enjoy watching demonstrations of love in action, and mostly they feel insufficiently loved in their normal daily lives. Your true nature is Love, and within the illusion no one gets enough of It, so make a point of being Love in every moment, sharing It, and thereby bring all to their awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.



Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Effects of Generational Thinking

Your Robotic Self
Beloved one, I want to speak with you now about the love that you are and the robot self of you that you have been up until a certain awakening point. You come as a small infant with remembrances of other lifetimes, other conditionings, other trainings, other events which seemingly have happened.

And then you pick up from the parents what they think is important and true. And you live for a while in an in-between state of remembering Home and yet seeing that that does not quite fit the picture of the world of what is happening, even if it is a small world as you are just a small one before you have gone to the elementary school.

You become more and more entrenched in generational thinking because that is what you are surrounded by. But then you are thrown into what is called the schooling and you get a wider view of, again, generational teaching and generational thinking, and you unconsciously take on some of those traits. It is not a conscious thing where you say, “Well, I want to know how to hate somebody,” but there may be a bigger bully perhaps in the class who gives you a hard time and you have feelings of power that come up as anger, that come up as hatred of the other one, because you do not like that kind of attention and you want to get away from it, and so you become a bit of the robot reacting to situations and actions seemingly outside of yourself.

And yet everything that comes to your awareness comes by your invitation because you are strong enough and powerful enough to deal with it. It comes in perfect timing to help you remember who you are, to remember the love that you are and have always been and will always be.

Sometimes it helps you break through the robot self that has only been reactive and acting from a point of the generational teaching, so that you find yourself being interested in certain books. You find yourself being interested in certain teachers, certain friends who are asking the same questions that you are asking, and you find yourself in a new grouping perhaps than you were before and you begin to leave behind the robot self of you and you start thinking on your own, “What if? What if that which has been taught to me by my parents and by the peers, what if that isn’t all there is to the story or to the picture of life? What if?”

And as soon as that question arises, doors and windows will open for you to see new vistas, to see new ideas, new ways of being. And then, because of the conditioning of the robot self, sometimes the doors and windows will temporarily close again and you find yourself reacting in the old way, and that is okay.

Human experience is not the easiest experience. I know; I tried it. And I ended up on a cross. You also have come through your crucifixions, sometimes physical, many times emotional, where you felt you had been nailed to the cross and you were suffering and of the situation.

Then you did ascend out of it because, out of desperation, you said, “There must be another way. I don’t like what is happening right now. There must be another way.”
And in that moment you gave permission for a new idea to come to you, a new way of feeling about yourself and about others. It turns everything around. It changes everything, whether you can see it ahead of time—and usually you can not, but looking back on it you can see that, “Yes, that was a turning point for me. That was a crucifixion. When my loved one said that he/she didn’t want to be with me any longer, when the son/daughter said, ‘Well, what you believe is not what I believe,’ and walked out of my life, those were hard times of crucifixion.”

But they brought you to a place of strength within yourself that you could not deny. You said, “This is who I am. This is what I believe. And no matter what another person believes, no matter how close they are to me, no matter what they say or do, it does not change who I am and what I believe and what I am striving to remember of Home and of unconditional love.”

And so you have come through those experiences and you have added unto them new experiences that then have added more “evidence” of your divine Self. One small pebble added to another small pebble added to another small pebble…after a while you get quite a pile of pebbles that you can build with, step by step, pebble by pebble, little change by little change until finally you look back at the changes and you say, “Wow, what I have done in this lifetime, it’s amazing. I would never have thought that I could make such changes, that I could now believe in the love that I am and that I have to give, and I would never have believed that I would know truly deep within myself forgiveness; forgiveness for all of the other lifetimes when I have been so blinded by the robot self; forgiveness for the words I have spoken that truly another one has invited me to say so that they could come to their own awakening; forgiveness for every choice that I later judged, and forgiveness of self for having forgotten, even temporarily, that which I truly am.”

Each and every one, as you see an individual, is living walking love. Each and every individual that you see is here to example divine love and to remember Home. That is truly what they are seeking, as you are seeking, to know that place where you are okay, where you are accepted, where no matter what you do, you will always be loved; no matter what you say, you will always be loved.

You are that love. You have it within you and you express it, and oftentimes, because robot self says to you that it is easier to look outside of yourself, you have been able to give love and to give forgiveness to other ones easier than you could give love or forgiveness to yourself.

Now you are coming to a place of understanding that there is no separation between yourself and the one who sits next to you, the one who sits across the room from you, the one who lives seemingly miles away from you. There is no separation, in truth.

We have spoken other times of the aura, the light energy that is around you which your scientists now can measure; your photographers can make photographic images of the aura around you. You have begun to understand that your aura expands and intermingles with the one sitting next to you and with the one across the room, and with everyone everywhere, even to ones you are not aware of.
As you go through the next few months of your timing, you are going to be seeing more and more of the robot self of others coming up in actions, and you are going to be having opportunity to love them through it. You have seen already much of unrest in some of your geo-political groupings. Even in this geo-political grouping of what you call this country there is much of divisiveness and much of ones who will be into judgment.

And so in the next few months of your timing you are going to see more of that behavior and you are going to be hearing more and more of words that come from the robot self, the self which is reacting with old thinking, the self which does not understand or want to give understanding to that which is happening.

But the Christ Self will not be denied. And so you are going to be seeing, by the end of this year, a change; a change that you have prayed for, that you have asked for, and it is going to come sometimes in small steps and sometimes there will be a change that is visible.

Right now it feels that the robot self is in charge of many of your “leaders” who truly do not lead and truly do not try to be in touch with the ones they are supposedly representing. Each and every one of your “leaders” who has been elected as a representative has started out sincerely wanting to be of service, and they have found themselves in a robot situation; it as been called the “old boys club” where there are certain rules and you have to abide by old thinking, robot thinking, old thinking of what has been.

But there are ones who are changing that pattern. There are ones who truly want to change the pattern, who see that what is happening is not for the best evolution of the collective consciousness, and there are enough of you who are seeing past the robot decisions so that you are influencing, just by your visioning, the ones who want to make impact and make change for the people they represent.

Right now many do not feel free to do that. They are in a robot situation where…well, it has been called the knee jerk pattern: something happens and immediately then they have to respond in the old way. But that is coming to a place where there is going to be courage to act differently, to make new choice.

It is difficult when you are surrounded by robotic thinking that has been engrained in you, and then you come into a situation where you are surrounded by it and you are only accepted if you agree to those old-thinking rules. So it takes great courage, but you have ones who want to make change, and you are going to see changes happening.

So put on your hard hats, put on your fireproof jackets, and go through the next few months listening to the voice of the world and yet knowing that that voice is old thinking. Put forth your own energy into love and into new visioning as to what truly can serve the brothers and sisters.

Many of the brothers and sisters, you have seen, are taking to the streets to make protest, to make their voices heard, because they know that what is happening is not right and is not beneficial. They are courageous ones. You do not have to be doing the sit-down protests, but in your own way you are putting energy into the new thinking and the beneficial changes you want to see.

You have a division in this geo-political country, a division which is mirrored in many other geo-political countries, of the ones who have the golden coins wanting to hold onto them. And the ones who do not have the golden coins are saying, “This is not really how it can be.” I will not use the word “should”, but this is not how it can be. There can be a more beneficial sharing.

When the collective consciousness changes, you are going to see some changes in the ones who have the golden coins. And you are going to call it a miracle if they want to be benefactors and to change the way they do their business. You will praise it as a miracle.

It is coming, and you can add your energy to it by knowing that it is coming. Old thinking is passing away. Old thinking is passing away because you have decreed that old thinking does not work for everyone.

You have known civilizations and you have been part of civilizations that knew equality and respect one for another. You knew your divinity and you knew that you were playing on holy Mother Earth or on some of the other planets or in some of the other galaxies. You knew in those civilizations that everyone was from the divine Source.

Separated ego has been your servant in this reality many, many times; so much so, that it feels real. And it is real—with a lower case “r”—but it is not Real—with a capital “R”. It is part of a construct that you have made as a servant, as a companion to walk with you and to whisper in your ear. Separated ego is very, very good at asking all of the “old” questions. But that is what you have programmed it to do. That is part of the robot self. When I spoke of civilizations where you have known equality, where you have known divine expression and that everyone comes forth from the one Source, there was a knowing deep inside of you that said, “Oh, I long for that. I know that that is true, and I long for that.”

And your longing is going to bring it forth. It is a very strong force within you, the longing to know Home once again and to be free of the robot self that just reacts according to old generational teaching.

Maybe it is not here yet, but your longing is going to bring it forth, because now you are remembering. And once that door starts to open even a little crack of longing and remembering, there is nothing that can stop the Light coming through that crack in the door, and before you know it, the door opens even further.

So I speak to you of hope. I speak to you of love. I speak to you of remembering your divine Isness. I speak to you of Home, and I speak to you of the longing to know the civilizations where you have played without a care of what you were doing or why you were doing it or how the outcome might be, because you knew you were playing as the Light that you are. And you danced upon the firmament of holy Mother Earth and other planets in other galaxies, and you danced because you were so happy. You deserve to remember that. You deserve to live that once again.

Allow the power that you feel rising up within you, the longing, the remembrance of civilizations when you knew yourself to be divine, when you knew only to dance as the Light to be your reality. Remember and bring forth that power and express it as love to one another, and you will bring forth miracles. The robotic self will be no more.

So be it.

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)  In expression through Judith
Channeled by Judith Coates     November 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

A History of Creation - Part 4

This is another one of those message that perhaps will make many a head spin, but we do know that this will not be new knowledge to any of you. In fact this is what has been imprinted within you all from the very beginning not only for this life, but from eternity. For you all share the same blueprint as you all hail from the same ether, and as such, nothing is ”news” to any of you, nor will it be. But for special reasons, you have been programmed to disable the old memory banks you carry with you, and so, life as a human being began. But now, when you are stepping into your full powers again as true creators, you will be allowed to access it all once again. For what once was considered as a hindrance, will now once again be an asset, as you have managed to rewire yourselves sufficiently to access the higher vibrational spheres from where you once came. For this is all about vibration, of harmonics, of sound if you will, set up to play a certain tune that will harmonize with everything else that is. For All of Creation is nothing more than an enormous piece of music, all created by separate “notes” put together to play out in dissonance and in consonance, it depends how you look at it. Or rather, listen. For what you SEE is really what you HEAR, in other words that you perceive, is vibration, but these vibrations can take many different shapes and forms, and they can be visual as well as aural. You see, everything is humming its own tune, it is shaking and dancing to its inner harmonics, and these are what make them visible, both to the eye and to other receptors of vibration.

For the sea of possibility can be likened to a sea of tranquility, as it needs to be stirred into action in order to BECOME something. As we said, it can be likened to lighting a match in a dark room in order to see the match, for it is there but it cannot be perceived, and as such it is the observer who puts it all into MOTION. And as soon as it is given momentum, it starts to BE, and then, it can be perceived as a vibration of a specific frequency. For mass is simply energy defined within a specific frequency, and you as the observer can perceive it because you are able to discern these frequencies. But, as we have touched upon in an earlier message, you are both the receiver but also the transmitter, as you are the creator, and you are the one observing creation. So you give life by sending out a vibration, and you make it come about by observing the effect it has on this sea of possibility that lies dormant if you will until it is touched by you or by anyone else sending out their vibration.

This can in some way be likened to those new three dimensional machines that humans have made now, whereby you send electronic signals into a device that in turn will turn these signals into a tangible, functional object in three dimensions. For creation works in the exact same way. Vibrational information is being projected into a cloud of energetic particles and these particles are then reassembled according to the modular information in these incoming vibrations, and so they form into a certain “shape” or form that these vibrational messages describe. We can give you another image for it, and that is the image of a drop of water being dropped into a container of liquid, and as the drop hits the surface, the membrane of this liquid, you will see how a new drop is formed and ejected up from this surface. It is not the same drop that hits it, rather a mirror image of it being produced by the volume of liquid that this first drop merges with. So it is with the act of creation. You send out a “droplet” of information, and when it connects with the surface of this sea of particles, a new ”droplet” will be formed and ejected from this sea of energetic soup. So what you put in, you get out, for this is not a random act, this is something that is at all times very specific.

It is not a luck of draw, where you sit and stare out into space waiting for whatever may be conjured up from your interactions with it all. No, this is all by design, and when you start to interact in a conscious way, you will literally see this for yourself. And this is also the reason why humanity has been bereft of this ability for such a long time. For in order to be allowed to create from this fountain of possibilities, you need to be in harmony with the pervading frequency that rules over it all, the God frequency if you will, the one that can allow, the one that is allowed to beget, and as such, you needed to come a very long way indeed before you were able to tap into this frequency. For that is what ascension is about, it is all about setting up the modular frequency that your BEing can carry, and as you all know, the lower the frequency, the less ability to interact with the higher ones. And rightly so, as nothing not sufficiently pure, that is, untainted by the lower forms of vibration, can and will be allowed to frequent the higher ones. They cannot interact with this ocean of creative energy, for they are very much in discord with it, and as such, they cannot constitute any threat if you will to this process at all. But you needed to be purged of these discordant vibrations in order to be able to receive and transmit this new sound of freedom. For as we have told you again and again, you have started to find your voice, and you are starting to use it to sing yourself and so much around you into BEing by the voice that you are able to emit from being able to literally tune into this god-field of frequency.

This frequency is a very specific one, and it is the same frequency that can be detected whenever anyone is able to listen in on the vibration that pervades everything that IS. For everything sings to the same notes, but in addition, they have their own individual tune that they carry, the tune that makes them, or it, a specific separate object from everything else. But in order for it to exist at all, it must comply to that underlying frequency from whence it came, the sea of creative energy, the liquid that formed those separate objects in the first place. But again, what you will be doing now, is to send out your specified frequency into this malleable energetic ”liquid”, and you will do so with a very specific order in mind. For you will be sending out an order in the form of a vibrational information ”package”, and when this ”package” interacts with this liquid, it will produce a drop, or an object, something tangible that complies to these specific instructions that you have sent out. It may sound very complicated, and in some ways it is, but the process in itself is literally as easy as child’s play. For what you focus on, will be sent out from you in the form of a very defined vibration that in turn will be picked up as sensory input by this ocean of energetic particles, and the input will be transmitted right back as a mirror image, as a specific output.

Again, this is a simple explanation of the process, but the underlying mechanisms if you will are very complex indeed. For this is not a ”free for all”, an opportunity to create whatever you feel the need for at any given time. Remember, this is a COLLECTIVE process, one where each and every one of you have a designated part. For what you will create, is very much a part of a huge and complex Creation already designed, and as such, the blueprints have been drawn up, and you have all been thoroughly briefed on what part is on your ”to do list”. This may sound like you are not in control of anything at all, that is not the case, but what it does say, is that this is not something that has been or will be left to chance. You see, you came to BE here at this exact time in order to make this whole process come about, and as such, you are like small pieces in a huge machinery, all set to create a version of humanity and of this planet that can only be likened to what you have seen in your wildest dreams. And the reason you have seen it in your dreams, is because you have already SEEN it come true. For remember, time is also a malleable thing, and as such, this whole process has already taken place, but for you, it is only just beginning. We hope this will not take away the joy of it all, rather, that it will help you to understand that you cannot go wrong here, for you have already DONE this. But again, this process must take place at this exact time for YOU in order to make it come about for YOU, for you are the ones that will make it happen, and you are the ones who are in control of it all. For now, you have all been hooked up to this ”multi dimensional machine” that will create whatever it is that your consciousness will ask it to create. And remember, as you have already done this, you will not be able to order something to be created that is literally ”out of order”. For you cannot fail, and as such, we will simply ask you to revel in the thought that you will be creating your own dream, and now, that dream will finally become reality. Not only for you, but for everyone else hooked up to this magnificent grid of the NEW.

Channeled by Aisha North
October 15, 2013


How Much Longer Can You Ignore That Ear-splitting Noise?....AWAKE

The Oneness of all of creation is the underlying truth that supports all that exists, and for you, embodied as individual human beings with many different beliefs and cultures, that is an enormous paradox. And your guide through the paradox, the maze, is your intuition, your guidance from your true Self, and from those on whom you may choose to call in the spiritual realms. And to make contact with that guidance you have to break away from the distractions with which the illusion constantly presents you – deadlines, responsibilities to others, and various other “shoulds and musts” that you accept as inevitable and unavoidable burdens – and take time out in your peaceful inner space to be quiet and to listen. And that can be very difficult initially as your daily chores and responsibilities keep popping into your mind with the message “You just don’t have time for this right now.”

However, if you manage to override those constant calls for your attention – and you will to a certain extent if you persist in not engaging with them – you will create a place within you, or, more realistically, you will uncover within yourselves a place of peace and safety that has always been there for you. You most certainly need to uncover it for your own well-being. And when you do, those with whom you are in any kind of a relationship – family, work, religious or political associates – will also gain. After all, as we in the spiritual realms keep telling you “All Are One,” and therefore your existence, your life, your thoughts, your words, and your actions all have an effect on the lives of everyone else without exception.