Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why Are You Here on Earth? - Heavenletter #4867

Why Are You Here on Earth?
Heavenletter #4867, March 23, 2014

God said: 

It is not a little thing that you are alive on Earth. This is not a random happening. You are here on Earth for something. There is a purpose in your being here. Speaking in general, you are here to be a blessing. You are here to bless. You are here to serve. You have a blessing to give. You may well not know what exactly it may be. Therefore, I suggest that you bless right and left and cover all the bases.

A hundred years on Earth is no more than the blink of an eye. It is a minute. The time will come when you are no longer on Earth in your human body. And all those you have known and loved or not loved, will no longer be on Earth either. What was it about? What mattered and what did not matter yet absorbed your life? It would seem that everything was hit or miss, yet it is not.

Beloveds, miss not even one opportunity to bless the world. And, if you feel you cannot bless, then soothe. And if you cannot soothe, soothe anyway. You were sent to the world to fulfill something. You were sent to the world for more than yourself.

There are waves of people on Earth and waves of generations. That you are here on Earth at this time is significant. Not one soul is wasted. Not one soul is purposeless.

You may lead what seems an ordinary life, and yet you have a great purpose. It may be one word, one act, even what seems as a little act, a smile you gave. Your little smile may have saved someone’s heart, changed the circumference of the world, turned it on its axis.

No one has to know your special gift to the world. You don’t have to know it, yet you are to give it.

Be glad you walk the Earth. Be glad you are a human being. Be glad you are on Earth in this moment of Eternity. You are here for a reason.

Open your heart to yourself. Have a heart that is open to encompassing the Universe. Perhaps you have a key that turns the tide of life on Earth.

Let your footfall serve. Perhaps you serve in silence. Perhaps you serve with your eyes. As a matter of fact, everyone serves with his eyes. What do your eyes see, and upon whom do your eyes rest and what do your eyes recognize? You serve.

Perhaps you serve by listening to what is truly being said. Perhaps you serve by listening to what is not said. You serve.

You have a place to fill that no one else can fill. One whose heart you have filled may not know that it is you who made a great difference in his life. Perhaps your blessing is served by your accepting a blessing from another. Perhaps another held a key that opened your heart, and your blessing is to accept a blessing bestowed.

Are you not in life actors on the stage who do not know all the script and all its ramifications? You may even think you play one part when you really play another. There are more than words, and there are more than roles to play. Anyone can be a hero, yet no one has to be acclaimed a hero.



Saturday, March 22, 2014

Energy ~ Basis of Life

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What is Energy?

Over 50 years ago, the science of quantum Physics discovered what ancient cultures embraced; that energy truly is the basis of life. It was proven that the atom, the smallest structure in the universe is made up of 94.5% empty space. This revealed that what you see, touch, sense is only 5% of reality. Your physical body only represents 5% of who you are; you are 95% vibrating Energy.
How we process this energy lies in our biology.
This intelligence/ Energy has no absolute language, only feelings.
We are all in the Transformational field and by this we become susceptible to all sorts of different energy.
This intelligence is strong and powerful if wielded correctly but you carry this inside of you. Energy is timeless and holds centuries inside of you. This becomes an access of channeling energy from the ego to the spirit, for it is eternal.
YOU are eternal
The answers are inside of you
The brain contains two different efficient frequencies:
SOUL - The Right hemisphere (Designed for the spiritual world): Present Thinking - our intuitive, creativity, spiritual, spacial thinking, feeling, nurturing, closer to nature, feminine side
EGO - The Left hemisphere (Designed for the Material world): Past, Future thinking- our mathematical, stress management, material, logical, practical,verbal, masculine side.
We are supposed to balance the two sides within our brain for our consciousness to operate at a higher intelligence.
This world is dominated by Thought, How will you live it?
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The Energy Body:

In the human body there are three types of energy centers. The lower or animal chakras are located in the region between the toes and the pelvic region. The human chakras lie along the spinal column. Finally, the higher or divine Chakras are found between the top of the spine and the crown of the head. They are constantly flowing into each other.
The Higher Vibrations are the healing
The Lower Vibrations are the spirit
Each Chakra takes in energy and releases it, this is connected to chemicals within your endocrine system.
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Silent Vast Constant Domain of Love, Heavenletter #4858

The Silent Vast Constant Domain of Love

Heavenletter #4858, March 14, 2014

God said: 

How to let go of your attachment to the up’s and down’s of the physical world is by not holding on so tight. You do not give up the relative world. So long as you have a body, here you are. At the same time, you can see further than your nose. The relative world is important, yet it is not all-important. Your life in the relative world does not have to take up one-hundred per cent of your awareness.

Beloveds, the relative world is growing right alongside you. The relative world is gaining in peace and love, and so are you. The relative world, which is always changing, isn’t a stable foundation. It is not a foundation at all. By its very nature, it is not. It cannot be. Better to put your money in the bank. I speak of the unseen world of Heaven which yet is capable of being experienced. Of course it is, for where you are, or think you are, you are.

Actually, you don’t have to put so much attention on your life, your world, the world that preoccupies you. The World of Spirit that does not preoccupy you is where the Truth of you lies. There is Truth, and there is fiction. Truth is Truth, and fiction is fiction.

Life on Earth is dramatic. There is everything possible on Earth, every contradiction possible, every joy and every pain, and all of it is modern theater. How to say this? In the world of Truth, there is Silence, and yet the Silence is filled with a richness. Here, within the Silence lies the real story and the only place from which the fiction can arise. There is a Source. This is where the whole overt play comes from. The whole stage comes from the Infinite and Eternal, yet the Infinite and Eternal do not tell stories.

Consider the Earthly Plane like smoke from a fire. Without the fire, you would not see the smoke. Without the fire, there would not be the smoke. Smoke wafts from the fire. Life on Earth has its origin and its history and all its romance from the Silence within, from the Vastness, from the Hand of God wherein lies the solid basis of life on Earth. Even though the basis cannot be touched by the physical world, it can be realized.

The existence of this powerful Silent Vast Constant Domain of Love is where you come from. It is also the permanent domain where you do also live. It is as if you have dual citizenship. Your original country is Heaven. You are entitled to your second passport to Earth, yet your passport to Earth is temporary and doesn’t really hold up. Yes, it’s a temporary visa. You don’t know how long it’s good for. Heaven you can know is forever. You are never deported from it.

Your life on Earth is a temporary stay. It is only a minute, I tell you. In Heaven time, it is no time at all, for there is no time here. Heaven is timeless, and I tell you that you are timeless too and spaceless too. There are no bodies in Heaven. There is Soul Essence. In Heaven, you read souls, as it were. You recognize souls. You know Oneness which is another word for love. Love isn’t exactly noted because what else is there to demark from love? Peace and Love and Light, the Source of All, are here.

I did not send you off to Earth without all of Heaven. You are on Earth even as you have never left Heaven. Heaven is the core of you. It is the immutable core of you.

I have a conversation with Myself in the form of you:

Where is Heaven? I ask.

It is within you, I answer.

Can a human being really know Heaven while still on Earth?

Yes, yes, for I, God, am everywhere, and I am knowable, and so are you knowable. I pinch your cheek right now. Look up. Here I am smiling at you. My Will be done.

What is My Will?

My Will is love.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Power of Change Starts With Embodying God the Correct Way

Our God-Self: Your Creations Begin With Me


The mighty waves of your global process of fundamental changes are at their peak. They have been there now for a while and they will not come immediately to a sudden rest.

This is because there are natural laws of ebb and flow at work. They should not be suddenly interrupted for the sake of human safety and the safety of all life on Planet Earth.

This is the time of the Great Shift, and what has been too long already in power must step back now.

What you can influence though is the frequency pattern of the waves, their intensity, their magnitude, their heaviness to put them more at ease. So you have the power to tone down the already fading heads of the old dying hydra to allow your new world to emerge.

Clarity on Ascension from Creation Energies

Dear Ones,

Some believe ascension means to leave earth and live the remainder of this life on a twin or distant planet. Others that many will shift their being while of earth in this lifetime. Neither concept is completely correct. For you are to move to a different place – but that place is within the environment you now label earth.

Earth is shifting, as are all the entities of earth above, on and below – and expanding in terms of what you visually see, sense and what you experience. Many of you wish to explore other planets and dimensions believing you know all there is to know about earth. Such is not true.

Even though humans have explored many parts of physical earth, there are places and entities yet to discover. A bit like thinking you must travel to Paris before your life is complete and you miss the beauty of your small community – pining for something that cannot be, while missing what is.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Life is to be Marveled at and Enjoyed not Mourned

Heavenletter #4854 If You Were Not Attached, Why Would You Mourn?, March 10, 2014

God said: 

Hurray for life and Earth and all the glorious Beings who populate it, the creatures great and small. Each being plays his part, the elephants and the ants. I am in awe over the world that was created by My idea, and which is now your idea.

Note how the world is always changing. Nothing in the world stays the same. The sunlight through your window changes minute by minute. The sky, the trees, the motion, and you are a beloved witness to it all. If you were told ahead of time how the sunlight would shimmer on the lapping ocean, you would have paid for admission. You would have stood in line for hours, and how you would have marveled at the picture before you.

And the stars. You would have paid all your life’s savings to see the miracle of the stars.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Coming in Oneness With God - Unity Consciousness

Living in Oneness Part II

The times you are living in now are precious beyond belief. You are receiving instructions and support from the ascended ones like never before because you are living in the time of the ascension of your world and because you were meant to experience the everlasting joy and sense of wholeness that naturally comes when you are living as your already-ascended Presence in Unity Consciousness.

We know that many of you like to hold onto your tender moments because you sense that those moments may not come again, yet that is a belief that is not serving you because it keeps you out of living in oneness with your Presence and out of the preciousness and the power that comes from living in the moment exactly as it is. Your Presence is always living in joy and it never struggles or desires to repeat an event from the past since every moment is eternally new. You are the creators of your own reality, so there is no need to suffer and it is truly possible to be happy no matter what is occurring around you. You certainly do not need to lead a life where you are waiting for the next big something or someone to come into your life so you can be happy.

Coming into Oneness with God - What We were Born to Do

Living in Oneness - Part I

In this coming year, there will be much less opposition within the hearts and minds of humanity to the idea that they do indeed have a God Self or Presence that is there to guide them into an entirely new reality founded in Oneness or Unity Consciousness. The opposing forces within the minds of the collective consciousness of humanity are losing ground, just as those are who would seek to keep you in fear or in any way separate from following your true inner authority or from experiencing the magnificent reality of your God Self.

It is truly a tremendous relief to accept that you are never a victim of someone else’s ideas about you and that their mental or emotional projections have no affect upon your true identity in God. Children usually love and respect their parents, yet what they often do not see is how easy it might have become for them to accept their parent’s projections as true within their own life. As the child matures, these projections have usually been assimilated by the ego so completely that they are usually seen as one’s “own” ideas or ideals for their life. It therefore becomes part of their own identity.

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Trust Exercise - Letting Go and Letting God

A Trust Exercise
“I am here. I am with you.
There is nothing now that is stopping you from becoming the being that you have always wanted to be. You have removed the self-imposed limitations from yourselves, and now you are finding it easier to connect, to expand, and to create. All that is missing from you is a willingness. All that is required is a willingness to dream, to wish, to put out there exactly what you desire.
You know that you have abilities that are coming online. You can feel them. They are there. They are within your reach. When you embody the power that is available to you, you will know without a shadow of a doubt that you create everything, every experience, every interaction.
You do so more often than not without knowing what you are doing. You do so from a place of expecting the same old, same old. And now I am encouraging you to let go of all of your old expectations and to embrace your creator-hood, your true nature, your infinite abilities.

The Reason For Your Being on Planet Earth

A Conduit Between Heaven and Earth - The Reason for Being

“Greetings Dear Ones.  We are the High Council of Orion.

Our message today brings forward to each and every one of you the idea that you are the intersection of heaven and earth. Part of this process of Ascension is not only about leaving this dimension to exist solely at other dimensions, part of it ,during this time of transition, is to allow a greater embodiment of “heaven”, of universal truth and higher-level energies on to this dimension here. In order to do that the conduit for that infusion of heavenly energies happens through you in your human experiences.

While many on your planet are looking at wanting to leave this dimension, as if it has been a ball and chain (which the experiences have not always been pleasant and so they could feel like a ball and chain), you could feel like it’s time to get off this planet and out of this dimension, yet we would offer up during this many year-long dimensional transition, it is the time for you to begin to connect with the other dimensional realities and allow those realities to infuse themselves into this dimensional plane where you find yourself at this time, where you find your conscious awareness that this time. Begin to live your life, experience life, from a higher dimensional place at a different vibratory rate, different vibratory realm, while you’re in this dimension. What you’re doing is infusing those of higher dimensional energies into this dimensional plane that you find yourself in, allowing a widespread level of transformation to happen for the entirety of what you would call “humanity” and the planet all at once.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

God and I, I and God, The Wonder of Oneness

Heavenletter #4849 The Wonder of Oneness , March 5, 2014

God said: 

We can say that you are the twinkle in My eye. We can say that you are the outpouring of My heart. We can say that you are the Light of God strewn on the Earth. You are the declarer of My Heart, My Vision, and My Reason for Being.

Everyone and everything is I, yes, and that means you.

I do not have a selfish bone in My body, as the expression goes, yet it is for Myself that I have you come to keep Me company. I like you. I like having you around. I also happen to love you with every breath of My Being. I have love to give, and I give it.

You may say that I created the Universe so there would be stories. That is not too far off the mark. Through you, come stories. There never is a drought of stories to be told, to witness, to wonder about, to search for the meaning of. The meaning is Life in the World. Sometimes you would like to skip life on Earth and just get to the chase. Of course, you will get to the chase. You are already getting to the chase.