Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We Rise With The Sun Like a Birds Song

Heavenletter #4900: You Are Here to Sing a Song


God said:

Sometimes you may feel that you have reached bottom. This is an idea to let go of. Both top and bottom are ideas that do not hold up. How many times have I suggested that you look up? Consider that you have climbed a mighty mountain. Even at the peak of a mighty mountain, you can look up. Wherever you may be on your imaginary scale, you can look up. If you can look askance, you can look up. It makes all the difference in the world that you look up.

Defeat may be what something looks like in the world. You know the world. It is not so highly reliable. The world flip-flops all the time. Beloveds, if you can feel down, you can feel up. Raise yourself by looking up. I mean literally to look up. The sky is above for a reason. I will go so far as to say there is only up. Gravity keeps you on Earth. Gravity grounds you, yet grounding does not mean to keep you down. Life on Earth does not have to be filled with rue. Rue is not more worthy than joy. Life does not have to be heavy. Heavyweight is not better than lightweight. Light is the spirit that dances between stars. You are made of this selfsame spirit. Heaviness is sorrow.

How light even is the snow that falls to Earth.

Remember that you carry a ticket to Heaven. It is yours. It has your name on it. Holy be your name.

It is not a disgrace to have been born on Earth. It is a tribute. It is a blessing. It is a blessing for you. It is a blessing to the world, and it is a blessing to Me. I blessed Myself when I gave you life on Earth and blessed you and the Earth. You are My messenger from Heaven sent to Earth to proclaim the loveliness and Oneness of Life on Earth. You are a testament to glory. Glory is Mine, and it is yours. Glory be to God, and glory be to you who fulfill My promise given to the world.

The song says, “Hark the herald angels.” You are herald angels come to enliven the Earth and speak for Me. You are identifiers of Me, and, therefore, you identify yourself and everyone. You are here on Earth to thrive. Thrive, I say. You are not here on Earth to go downhill. Hardly. You are here to sing a song. Start now. Proclaim and reveal joy on Earth. Sing a song of tribute in My Name.

You may have thought that I am to be all about you. It is you who is to be all about Me! You are the sounder of love and peace on Earth. You are the forerunner of love and peace on Earth. You are to tell the Truth and to reveal the Truth of Seeming Existence on Earth. You are Infinite Being. Yes, you can live life on Earth and reveal its beauty. Beauty is for the asking. Beauty is for its own expression, and you are the expresser of it. Beautiful are you who sings My song. Blessed be you.

You are on the forefront of the world. Sing its praises. Sing high notes. Let your life be the song you sing. Make a sweeping gesture with your arm and bless the Earth. As the sun rises every morn, so do you. Even in the process of what you call setting, the sun is rising. It is preparing to rise. You are someone who rises. Rise before Me now.

Channeled by Gloria Wendroff

Published on: April 25, 2014

Becoming Enlightened and Never Losing Self

Becoming Enlightened

“When you decide that you are seeking enlightenment, you usually think that you must abandon your old way of living. You see that others who you view as enlightened are letting go of possessions, relationships, and even their hobbies and interests. And so you think in order to be enlightened, you must let go, you must lighten your load.

We want you to know that the load only needs to be lightened when you experience it as heavy and as burdensome. You can move to whatever frequency you want to hold without giving up that which you enjoy, that which you prefer. You are all enlightened beings right now. You do not need to change who you are or how you are living.

But you may choose to make those changes as you continue along your path. Does that mean that you need to let go of anything that you are currently possessing or that is currently a part of your existence in order to be spiritual and to be on your path? We cannot give you an answer that will apply to every one of you. But you may wish to look at your relationship to your possessions, to your loved ones, and even to your physical body.

You may look at how you are holding these various ideas. You are all you need in order to live happily ever after. But if you want to share your time and space with others, and with things, and with your interests, you are certainly within your rights to do so, and you are in no way harming yourselves.

You also have this idea that your bodies are heavy, and dense, and cages for your soul. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your bodies are what you make of them. Your bodies are as holy, and sacred, and spiritual as your souls. Do explore your relationships to form, but do not abandon form because you feel that you must. All is love. All is Source. And all can be spiritual.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are love.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Published April 25, 2014

The Prime Creator In Self

Our God-Self: Your Creations Begin With Me


The mighty waves of your global process of fundamental changes are at their peak. They have been there now for a while and they will not come immediately to a sudden rest.

This is because there are natural laws of ebb and flow at work. They should not be suddenly interrupted for the sake of human safety and the safety of all life on Planet Earth.

This is the time of the Great Shift, and what has been too long already in power must step back now.

What you can influence though is the frequency pattern of the waves, their intensity, their magnitude, their heaviness to put them more at ease. So you have the power to tone down the already fading heads of the old dying hydra to allow your new world to emerge.

However you must know your power for change in the correct way. It is not based on your mind to begin with. Because mind itself is always busy and unsteady. That is its nature. Very few of you are able to keep their mind focused and one pointed, as they understand to use the faculty of the higher mind, based on higher intelligence.

But if you long to do the Real Work, you choose to invoke and unite with Me.

You want to draw on the means of firm profundity, when you are to calm down what is in turmoil, when you are to ease what seems to be uncontrollable.

So to be optimally effective, you want to make use of the most profound leverage: The Power of Me, your own Divine Brilliant Consciousness. Therefore your mind must cooperate with Me, You see, you must not allow your mind to wander off in your head, weakened by the functioning of your dual brain.

It must be resting with Me, As I Am the mind’s Source Condition. The Inexhaustible and Most Solid Substance of Reality Itself, the Divine Well in which is Hidden and Possible to Emerge All you Desire.

Without that Very Foundation That I Am, your every impulse to create does not bear steady fruits, and comes rather in pairs: that what you want and that what you don’t want.

So your process of Divinely inspired creations always begins with Me.

Because it is your continually fluctuating and changing body-mind itself, which is the starting point of all your creations, that must be brought into the right disposition first, it must be brought to rest in Me. This is in itself the most essential creation that you are to perform. And so your very first creation is the surrender of the body-mind to What Is Great, That Foundation, That Fullness, That Eternity That Is Me.

Only from there Pure and Divine thought can emerge.Your body-mind filled with the Power of the Current of My Presence, brought to My Peace, to My Stillness. To The Zero-Point of all possibilities. Then you might create whatever you desire.

This powerful Presence of Mine, when you allow It to Radiate, already alone calms down all agitations, to bring ease and change to harmful situations.

This is the most important and senior creation, the very first creation you are responsible for: to create yourself in the way of reflecting your most profound Truth That Is Me. First I must Be Established in and as You. Then all the powers of creation are Yours.

To invoke My Presence into your body-mind and into your world has the most profound effect on dissolving what is not from Me and what does not conform with Me.
That is how you change yourself, that is how you change your world.

If you choose to engage your mind, based on True Establishment of My Tangible Presence as Radiant Love-Bliss-Consciousness, to reach out to wherever you desire, with feeling and vision that your goal is already accomplished, you will work miracles, if you truly are able to control one-pointed your mind, steadily turned to Me.

Until then let My Blessing Presence Be Sufficient!

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

Channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Your Plan, the Divine Plan to Come Home

You Knew That What You Were To Experience Would Be Anything But A Bed Of Roses

As I, and all the other channels, keep advising you all is proceeding as divinely planned. The divine plan is always followed, precisely. It often does not seem like that to you, buried in the illusion as you are, and experiencing all the stress, conflicts, and disappointments that the illusion is so good at providing for you.

You all chose to be on Earth at this moment in her history, the moment when her amazing spiritual awakening would occur, because you all, without exception, wished to assist most powerfully in the awakening process, and be present to enjoy it as it happened. When you made that decision you knew that what you were to experience would be anything but a bed of roses, nevertheless you decided to enter the illusion once more to assist all the apparently lost souls, who remain unaware and uninterested in a spiritual awakening let alone in spiritual evolution, into a much higher state of consciousness.

You also knew, before you made that courageous and daunting decision, that you could not fail to fulfill your individual tasks in this momentous undertaking – helping all of humanity to move into a much higher and far more fulfilling state of consciousness where they could and would once more access awareness of their divine nature as essential parts of the One, the Source, God. All sentient beings are inseparable aspects of the One, and the fact that untold numbers are unaware of their divine heritage is due to the incredibly real-seeming illusory environment that you chose to build and inhabit. Within it you do experience intense pain and suffering, and what you experience would be utterly unconscionable if it were real. It is not. But until you awaken that will not be apparent.

Those of you who follow the spiritual channels, blogs, pod-casts, and alternate news sites, while also contributing to them, do have your work cut out to maintain your faith in God’s Love for you all as you witness, with heartfelt compassion, the intense suffering that so many are undergoing, and in which many of you are also personally partaking.

God does not want or require sacrifice from anyone. He desires only that you live in eternal joy. At the deepest levels of your being you know this, and have always known this.

However, you have free will, and will always have it, as Love does not impose, confine, or limit in any way. You are Love, eternally free, and you have used that freedom, that free will, and built the illusion to experience separation and individuality. In doing so you provided yourselves with the space in which to experience what seems to you to be an incredibly fearful state of total desertion and abandonment.

When you made that choice freely and enthusiastically you had absolutely no idea where it might lead you, and now here you are in an environment in which distrust, deceit, betrayal, conflict, and suffering have become endemic. BUT, due to God’s eternal Love for you, and due to the fact that there is nothing outside of Him, what you are presently experiencing remains, as it always was, an unreal dream or nightmare. Now it is about to fade away as the Love from which you were all created expands through each one of you, enveloping all, and moving you all inevitably forwards into the brilliant Light of God’s eternal day, where shadows like the illusion are not supported and cannot survive.

You all want out of the illusion! And so do all the billions of apparently lost souls who are unaware that it is an illusion and are seemingly ensnared within it. Their desire is for freedom, security, and abundance, but that is only available outside the illusion, at Home in the Presence of God. That is where you are going . . . Home. You are powerful beings – you are divine beings, so how could you possibly not be powerful when you were created by your Father and lovingly gifted with everything that He has.

That being the case, then your intent and your collective decision to awaken ensures that nothing can prevent it. Focus your attention on the certainty that you are to awaken, and intend to be open to receive and accept the abundant energy of the current of Love that is gently and inexorably sweeping you homewards.

Because you are all divine beings, at one with your Father, then your will must be in complete alignment with His, no other will is possible. And, as you have been told so often, His Will is that you experience eternal joy, therefore your only option is to awaken into His divine Reality. Live expectantly knowing that you will, and by so doing reduce the stress and anxiety that your long journey has been causing you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Channeled by John Smallman

April 28, 2014

You Are You and No One Else Can Be You


Lady Nada (Received 4.18.14):

Of all the souls in the Universe, you are special. You are EACH special in your own right. No one soul possesses what you have to offer. The key is to know that and then to be in the frame of mind and heart to want to offer it, regardless of what your neighbor or friend or colleague or loved one does or says or offers themselves. You know you are each unique.

In these times of immense change it is even more important to know this and to acknowledge this. For you each have a mission and purpose that no one else does. You are compelled to offer it in concert to complete the whole of Oneness, all of beautiful souls joined together as One but each fitting the piece of the puzzle, intricately placed and applied, to complete the whole beautiful picture of ONEness, each in your own special way.

So please put away your insecurities…as in: “Am I doing enough?”; “Am I enough?”; “What am I supposed to do?” In many cases all that requires of you is to just BE who you are, without reservation, without hesitation, and with all the LOVE you can muster and anchor into yourself, Gaia, the Universe and all the Multiverse. Doing your part sometimes just means not ‘doing’. Relax and melt into yourself and expand your horizons by accepting that you are unique, and by listening to your inner self you will know what to do next, if anything. It will simply flow from you.

This is a time of immense change and all are required to “be on deck”, so to speak. So any distractions from the outside are merely that…distractions from you being wholly who you are and feeling wholly who you are, and performing what you do best, which cannot be measured by anyone else’s experience.

Remember you are loved. Remember you are cherished, and remember that all this raising in consciousness and this elevation of frequency you are a part in could not happen without YOU. So be cognizant of that, be at peace with that, and just allow yourself to blossom in these amazing energies. Much is afoot, much is happening, not only below the surface, but in physical manifestation now. You are all a part of that. Be at peace with that. Rejoice in that. You are The ONE.

So dear ones, I leave you now with my blessings and my LOVE and wish you a pleasant journey in this momentous time. I will return with more “tidbits” of encouragement. For now, as they say, “Lay Low”, which really means the opposite in this case: Allow yourselves to Rise, for the air/energies are so buoyant for you now, but stay centered and stay calm and do everything you can to nourish your physical body as well as your singing heart which wants to experience all it can in these coming days.

You are the master at the helm of these amazing times. And you know what to “do”: Encompass and embrace all you can and allow the transformation, dear ones! We are all excited to meet you more and more in the coming days. We are excited to see your transformation in the coming days. And you really do not have to do anything more than Love yourselves and each other and Gaia and the Universe and the Multiverse and feel at One with it and all, which you are, dear ones, you ARE!

My Love is yours, always…


I AM Lady Nada


Channeled by Fran Zepeda

April 19, 2014


Note from Fran 4.19.14: As I typed the last word in the body of Lady Nada’s transmission, typing the “e” in Namaste’, my eyes were averted to the word counter which had reached 555…meaning profound changes!!!!! Then later that evening, my eyes were averted to the clock which also flashed 555. So I feel it was Lady Nada and indeed the Universe affirming that we are indeed in the middle of profound change! What magical times we are in! What beautiful synchronicity we are all privy to! Love to all!

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